Australia is truly an amazing country and is one of the most diverse continents on the planet – all you need to do is come and explore it!

Australia really does have it all, from mountain hiking to the whitest beaches in the world. While you may have read about its amazing wildlife, there really is nothing like seeing a kangaroo in the wild for the first time .Don’t forget, there is also a long list of other unique Australian animals to see; koalas, fairy penguins, dolphins, whales, and the very cute platypus, as well as the adorable wombats that are found across Australia including on Sydney’s fringes.

Great Barrier Reef
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Australia is known for its laid-back culture and you will notice this as soon as you touch down. While some say it is the climate, Australians are so friendly, welcoming and love to talk – and yes they do abbreviate everything!

Remember that AIFS’ Travel Desk can arrange all of your travel needs. Our team have travelled extensively and have helped travellers just like you They know what tours will best suit your budget and preferences, and can give you insider tips to ensure you have the best experience.

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A few of our most popular options are:

East Coast packages – an all-inclusive package which offers the main sights along the east coast of Australia. Start from Cairns or Sydney or opt for a ‘build your own’ option.

Great Barrier Reef – a must see for any traveller. We have 1-day tours or spend a night or two on the Reef for a truly special experience.

Sky diving & bungee jumping - our most popular locations include south of Sydney and Cairns.

Surf Camps – immerse yourself fully into the Aussie culture and learn to surf in one of our group surf camps, near Sydney or in the iconic coastal town of Byron Bay.

Uluru – formerly known as Ayers Rock this tour brings you into the heart of Australia. Learn more about Australia’s aboriginal people and their culture.

Credit: Tourism Australia

City options – we can advise you on city sightseeing and excursion options. In Sydney a ferry to Manly or a train to the Blue Mountains are cheap and will give you million dollar photos!

Whatever your budget there is some great travel options for you to experience.

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Costs & Inclusions

We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about our fees so you know exactly the costs, where your fees go, what's included and what's not. Our package includes all the essentials that you’ll need plus a few extras to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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Preparing for your Trip

The big day is getting closer, so it is now time to prepare. Your successful entry into Australia depends on you completing ALL the necessary steps required by the Australian government at the correct time. We have provided this list, however, you will receive detailed information after you apply to ensure you understand all the necessary steps prior to departure.

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Work Opportunities

Lock in your job before you leave or use the AIFS' Job Desk after you arrive. We provide expert advice including one-on-one consultations and CV checking service.

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