Taking the time to research your travel plans and preferred work will save you time, and help you after you arrive.

You may have firm plans about the type of work you want to do when you arrive. It is possible that as Australia reopens some controls will be placed on the type of work you can do and where. AIFS is working closely with employers and contractors to ensure we are ready to give you the correct advice and source. This is another reason why it is important to consider a package like AIFS’.

Ensure you have realistic expectations about working in Australia. Some jobs you do can be more about the opportunity to earn money and make friends than direct related experience to your studies or prior employment in your home country.

Remember that the Australian government requires proof of funds totalling $5,000 (Approx. $US3700). These funds are designed to cover the first weeks before you earn a wage and the costs that quickly add up for board and accommodation.

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Preparing For Your Trip

The big day is getting closer, so it is now time to prepare. Your successful entry into Australia depends on you completing ALL the necessary steps required by the Australian government at the correct time. We have provided this list, however, you will receive detailed information after you apply to ensure you understand all the necessary steps prior to departure.

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Work Opportunities

Lock in your job before you leave or use the AIFS' Job Desk after you arrive. We provide expert advice including one-on-one consultations and CV checking service.

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Australia is on everyone's bucket list. As an AIFS traveller you have access to exclusive discounts and honest advice about what to do and where to go. AIFS Travel saves you money and time and gets you the best deals. Click here to learn more.

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